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Wealth in Diversity Consulting assists organizations in leading and developing teams that are flexible, adaptable and able to solve complex problems. High-performance, effective, and efficient healthcare teams evolve over time and are vital to providing excellent patient care. They require professionals who possess certain talents, a wide range of skills and a common vision. Healthcare organizations must be able to effectively lead and direct a diverse group of professionals, many of whom have values, beliefs, behaviors, practice standards, and traditions that are culturally different from their own.

Through consultation, education and training we assist and guide healthcare organizations in blending the needs, interests, backgrounds and styles of people from a multiplicity of functions and disciplines. We start by analyzing which differences are the most significant and what impact they have on the organization. Our assessments and audits examine the team development, effectiveness of team functioning and stages of professional development of team members.

We are committed to providing consultation, education and training that reflect and encourage a broad range of viewpoints as participants develop the awareness, knowledge, understanding and skills needed to be effective contributors in a changing healthcare environment. We show people how to leverage the range of styles and behaviors in the workforce and patient care settings encountered in daily life. Participants gain specific tools and techniques for increasing team productivity and coaching employees to greater effectiveness

Team Services Include:

How Senior Leaders Benefit:

  • Learn how to respect and value differences
  • Motivate and lead team members when they don't share your values
  • Define and apply a proven and successful team process model
  • Create and lead a truly cohesive team
  • Build trust and enhance risk -taking and creativity
  • Learn how to effectively unify the team's culture and relationships
  • Develop a team environment that fosters synergy
  • Ensure that your behavior is always ethical and reflective of your organization's values

How Teams Benefit:

  • Team members co-create a compelling vision of customer satisfaction that inspires the work.
  • In performing service the team values and honors who they are and those they serve, and the team delivers service that both surprises and delights.
  • Team members come together, to establish and re-establish their relationships and their direction, creating belonging and a sense of trust.
  • Team members empower themselves by claiming the goals, roles, competence and resources necessary to realize their vision
  • A cohesive team that performs well in all situations
  • Resolve conflict more effectively in a variety of situations
  • Increased confidence, leadership skills and personal and professional satisfaction on the job

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