Left unaddressed, conflict will poison the atmosphere well beyond just the staff most directly involved. Differences between staff are a major source of friction between individuals. They can hamper performance and create needless stress. Working toward mutually satisfying resolutions to conflict is a number one priority for healthcare teams. When conflict arises, the response is usually to ignore it and hope it will go away or to meet it head-on with an ultimatum. Neither of these approaches results in successful long-term outcomes. When differences cause conflict, they need to be acknowledged, addressed and resolved in a way that works for both parties.

Wealth in Diversity Consulting assists healthcare organizations to learn how to deal effectively with conflict and teaches them how to build respect and solve problems with leaders, teams and customers. We view conflict as an opportunity for personal and professional growth, inspiration, learning and transformation through facing both the positive and negative of conflict. We believe that conflict ignored and unresolved will lead to stress, pain, personal and professional loss and in some instances irretrievable damage to individuals and teams.

Consultation, Education & Training Services

Offering customized education, facilitation, and analysis, we provide local, national and international organizations with innovative, cost-effect assistance to help prevent and manage conflicts. Our approach and broad spectrum of tools and resources helps participants build self-respect and increase confidence through communication, cooperation, and collaboration.


Benefits to Solving Problems and Resolving Conflicts:
  • Reduced time and money in resolving conflicts
  • Solve problems more productively and amicably
  • Encourages open communication and cooperation
  • Decrease in customer complaints
  • Gain loyalty to the organization
  • Strengthens relationships
  • Increased morale and motivation
  • Decreased turnover, absenteeism and lateness
  • Look at old problems from new perspectives
  • Decreases error rates and increases productivity
  • Conflict Resolution Education and Training Design

We design education and training around principles of conflict management to move from destructive to creative ways of responding to conflict that emphasize communicating effectively and negotiating collaboratively while promoting respect, understanding and solutions that benefit all parties.

Suggested Conflict Resolution Education and Training
  • The Power to Change: The Answers to Resolving Conflicts
  • Whose Problem is it Anyway? Valuing & Managing Differences
  • Changing the Organizations Norms and Culture to Resolving Conflict
  • What Are You Complaining About? Learning and Lessons from Conflict
  • What To Do When Customers and Employees Collide
  • Techniques for Leaders and Teams Managing Conflict
  • Discovering Sources of Team Conflict
  • Interventions & Strategies for Resolving and Negotiating Conflict
  • Transform Workplace Conflict into Creativity and Collaboration
  • Managing Workplace Negativity: Creating a Positive Environment
Benefits from Conflict Resolution Education and Training
  • Heighten participant motivation to deal constructively with interpersonal conflicts
  • Enhance cross-cultural and intracultural communication skills
  • Build better relationships in a diverse workforce
  • Improve decision making by promoting an open forum for disagreement
  • Stimulate effective team building
  • Expand the ability to change problems into opportunities
  • Provide participants with skills that promote organizational effectiveness
  • Practice getting control of tense situations before they get out of hand
  • Practice and use proven approaches to resolve conflicts
  • Learn to create workplace conditions that promote cooperation
  • Move beyond emotions to win-win situations
  • Motivate others to take positive action

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