Thriving organizations create and maintain
a culture of leadership at all levels.
It helps attract and retain empowered and skilled employees
who contribute to the excellent service and customer loyalty.

In today's rapidly changing health care environment, every member of the organization must assume the qualities of leadership accept responsibility for one's actions and adapt the change. Our model is the answer to developing and equipping leaders at all levels to accept the leadership challenge, diminish ambiguity, and learn to be effective leaders' all in the midst of the tough and pressing issues that drive the need for change in the first place. The Transforming Leaders and Teams at All Levels, a Model for Creating and Sustaining Positive Change, was developed from research that utilized an appreciative inquiry qualitative paradigm. This model focuses on developing employee leadership and team competencies and creating a more productive work environment, which we define as one that respects individuals and their differences, fosters teamwork, promotes flexibility and supports a balance between work and personal lives.

Transforming Leaders and Teams at All Levels

A Model for Creating and Sustaining Positive Change©

How Individuals and Teams Will Benefit from: Transforming Leaders and Teams at All Levels A Model for Creating and Sustaining Positive Change©

  • Learn how to use A Model for Creating and Sustaining Positive Change© a method for leveraging a team's core strengths for positive change.
  • Approach diversity as a building block to strengthen your teams
  • Become a more effective leader and communicator
  • Articulate your leadership philosophy to others
  • Build greater trust and loyalty on the team
  • Overcome resistance to change and rally support
  • Create the environment that fosters an appreciation for differences, broadens trust and respect for individuals
  • Learn ways to have all team members feel more valued and included
  • Gain commitment from all team members toward success
  • Create realization that all team members are responsible for the climate on a team
  • Increase the motivation and skill of employees by creating a culture in which staff take initiative, accept responsibility and demonstrate accountability for their actions.

What Matters Most to Leaders?

  • Bringing out the best thinking and behavior of their teams.
  • Creating by-in and a bias for action.
  • Harnessing the untapped potential that every organization possesses.
  • Bringing all of this to focus on “What Matters Most” to the organization.

Workshops for the Progressive Leader:

  • The Leadership Challenge for Creating and Sustaining Positive Change
  • Strategies for Developing Personal Leadership Mastery
  • Building Shared Vision
  • Leading a Diverse Team to Common Purpose

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