Developing leadership skill and effectiveness has never been more critical and perhaps never more challenging! Never before has leadership at all levels been so necessary for success! Knowledgeable, intuitive, decisive and responsible leaders capable of inspiring and instigating change, recognizing and seizing opportunities and winning the support of the workforce are essential, if healthcare teams are to maximize their opportunities for growth and development. Proactive and visionary leaders will be the ones to drive change and development. Identifying the benefit of long-term cultural change takes a leader of great vision, conviction, courage and patience. An astute leader understands the strategic thinking that is necessary to outmaneuver the competition and win the hearts and minds of his/her staff.

The Diversity Leadership Challenge is to narrow the gap between an organization's future vision and its current reality. The journey can be uncertain because the word diversity is loaded and often pushes buttons, derailing potentially fruitful transitions. In this challenging healthcare climate the exploration of leadership and change is not only legitimate but critical. To thrive in today's healthcare environment, every member of the organization must assume the qualities of leadership: the ability to adapt to change, take charge when necessary and accept responsibility for one's decisions.

Today's healthcare leaders are faced with unique and complex challenges in this ever-changing and increasingly diverse workforce. Issues around personality, education, gender, age, values, ethnicity, race, language, work experience, beliefs, skills, and perceptions just to name a few, continue to evolve, leading us toward new awareness and skills. We educate and train leaders to transition from leader of the past to the present. Our seminars prepare them for a complete change of responsibilities and help eliminate the anxiety that can accompany it. Leaders come away with a better understanding of what it takes to lead a diverse workforce and capitalize on the strength of diversity. Our professional development programs are designed for leaders with significant achievements who are seeking to attain a higher level of success. We believe that our program's unique self-discovery and interactive format provides an unparalleled learning experience that yields long-lasting success.

How Managers and Leaders Benefit:
  • Learn how to use A Model for Creating and Sustaining Positive Change© a method for leveraging a team's core strengths for positive change.
  • Approach diversity as a building block to strengthen your teams.
  • Become a more effective leader and communicator.
  • Articulate your leadership philosophy to others.
  • Build greater loyalty and trust with staff.
  • Overcome resistance to change and rally support.
  • Motivate staff and inspire them to action.
  • Demonstrate greater competence and confidence as a leader.
  • Create the environment that fosters an appreciation for differences, broadens trust and respect for individuals.
  • Learn ways to have all team members feel more valued and included.
  • Learn how to attract and retain empowered and skilled employees who contribute to the excellence of services.
  • Gain commitment from all team members toward success.
  • Create realization that all team members are responsible for the climate on a team.
  • Increase the motivation and skill of employees by creating a culture in which staff take initiative, accept responsibility and demonstrate accountability for their actions.

With Wealth in Diversity Consulting you'll have someone who truly understands your healthcare organization's unique needs and goals. Our team works with you to create education that is custom-tailored to your specific educational requirements.

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