Achieving Excellent Customer Service Requires Cultural Competence

One thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.     - Albert Schweitzer

As diversity among the U.S. population increases, so does the need for culturally competent service. Healthcare professionals will increasingly see clients with a broad range of perspectives regarding health, often influenced by their social or cultural backgrounds. Every client service effort begins with finding out what clients value and engaging every employee in the discovery and delivery process. Wealth in Diversity Consulting assists healthcare organizations struggling to manage relationships with inside and outside clients. Understanding the client, and strategically aligning services to meet these needs will reap benefits. Our goal is to help healthcare organizations learn how to become more culturally sensitive and responsive to clients/patients in order to deliver safe and quality healthcare services. Cultural barriers pose a major challenge to healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals seeking to provide quality care.

Our Programs Enable Organizations to:
  • Promote and support the attitudes, behaviors, knowledge, and skills necessary for staff to work respectfully and effectively with clients and each other in a culturally diverse work environment.
  • Develop and implement strategies to recruit, retain and promote qualified, diverse, and culturally competent administrative, clinical and support staff who are trained and qualified to address the needs of the culturally diverse communities they serve.
  • Develop ongoing education and training for administrative, clinical and support staff in culturally and linguistically competent service delivery.


Key Benefits and Capabilities of Services:
  • Recognize the impact of culture on business bottom line
  • Learn culturally competent client service
  • Learn trends and demographics in client service
  • Appreciate and explore cultural diversity in client care
  • Examine communication styles and build effective skills
  • Develop a framework for understanding cultural differences
  • Develop strategies for customer service problem-solving and negotiation skills
  • Learn decision-making and critical thinking skills that work across cultures
  • Learn how to build global awareness within your organization
Customized Education & Training Solution

We customize education delivered to your site to achieve lasting measurable results. Training is designed to be interactive and based on the integration of the simplicity and complexity of leading and managing diversity. They are dynamic workshops to expand awareness, develop skills, open the mind and lead participants to new levels in their lives. We know that you receive many brochures advertising training and professional development programs. We know that most healthcare organizations have limited resources to invest in continuing education. You need a program that address your cores issues of customer service with sound methodology, practical knowledge and proven tools to apply the program content within your organization to justify the expense.

Our Education and Training Philosophy

Our consulting approach enables clients to harness the forces of change to gain strategic traction in an evolving market for learning. We emphasize sustainable effectiveness, not short-term responses to immediate challenges. Working together, we advance sound thinking that builds the foundation for a successful future through education.

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